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November 2, 2010  

This is a special podcast taken from our morning worship on Sunday 31/10/10. Over the weekend we were thinking and praying about the upcoming Crown Jesus project within the borough of Newtownabbey, and because of this we had the opportunity to have Stephen Gaukroger come and speak at morning worship. His theme was 'Church Alive' and was based on Acts 4: 32-37.

Stephen Gaukroger is Director of Clarion Trust International, a Christian charity working in the UK and overseas and involved in leadership training and development, advocacy, networking and the communication of the Christian Faith and message in a range of contexts. He is a senior church leader in the UK, having pastored two large churches and served as President of the Baptist Union. He serves on the Boards and Councils of a number of Christian organisations including the Chairmanship of the Council of Reference for Open Doors and the Chairmanship of the Spring Harvest Charitable Trust. He is the senior biblical advisor for the "Friends & Heroes" animated children's series. Over the last 10 years Stephen has spoken to leaders and been involved in evangelistic events in over 25 countries around the world. He is a prolific author (over 20 books) whose writing has been widely translated. He is married to Janet and they have 3 adult children.

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