Carnmoney Presbyterian Church Sermons Inspiring Sermons from Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

September 24, 2019  

John looks at the second instalment of the Symphony theme - What does is meant to be a shepherd for God's Kingdom?

September 17, 2019  

Michael takes on the first in our series on Symphony - The role of the teacher.

September 12, 2019  

John starts our new topic with the title, 'Symphony' within out theme of Seasons - Looking at what it is that makes up the church, its people and their gifting.

September 5, 2019  

John takes this Sunday to invite us to look at our service for the work of the church and the kingdom. Through the writings of Paul we see the value God places in the things we do for him.

September 5, 2019  

John finished off the last sermon from our 'All Things New' part of the Seasons Series.


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