Carnmoney Presbyterian Church Sermons Inspiring Sermons from Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

March 28, 2017  

Michael continues with our study of Corinthians, looking at Pauls approach to Mission & building the Kingdom.

March 21, 2017  

John continues through Pauls letter to the church in Corinth, looking at what it means to live out of Love instead of knowledge.

March 14, 2017  

Helen Warnock comes to speak to us about the last people group Paul addresses in his letter to the Corinthians - The Single.

March 7, 2017  

Michael continues on with Pauls letter to the Corinthians, looking at the next people group that Paul approaches, The Estranged.

March 2, 2017  

John continues through the letter to the Corinthians discussing the next group of people Paul addresses - The once married.


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