Carnmoney Presbyterian Church Sermons Inspiring Sermons from Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

March 31, 2015  

This was the fourth and final part of our mini-series on the 'Hallmarks' of the Christian faith. We hear Michael's take on the importance of unity with in our lives.

March 26, 2015  

John talks about what a fruitful church would look like.

March 18, 2015  

Michael talks about the second Hallmark of the Christian faith, which is the presence of the Holy Spirit in and with us.

March 11, 2015  

John launches a new series on the 'Hallmarks' of the Christian faith and begins with the most important of these - love.

March 6, 2015  

Karl closes our Catalyst Conference with the question, 'What is the fruit of your life?'.

March 6, 2015  

Karl talks about the problem of modern day anxiety and how Jesus can heal us and free us from and anxiety we have.

March 6, 2015  

Karl addressed the importance of the roles of leaders and volunteers within church and the importance of casting vision.

March 6, 2015  

As we kicked off our Catalyst Conference, Karl Martin of Central Church in Edinburgh, spoke on the importance of having Jesus at the centre.


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