Carnmoney Presbyterian Church Sermons Inspiring Sermons from Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.

May 20, 2014  

Rick's talk from sunday evening's Youth Vision Day Service

May 13, 2014  

Johns sermon from sunday morning where he focused on Matthew 5:13-16 as his main passage.

May 6, 2014  

John preaching from Jeremiah 7: 3-15

May 6, 2014  

Michael preaching on Jeremiah 7: 3-15

May 1, 2014  

John preaching the second half of the work themed services.

May 1, 2014  

Michael Preaching in Our evening service

May 1, 2014  

Michael preaching in our Easter sunday AM service.

May 1, 2014  

John preaching at our Good Friday service


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