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November 26, 2008  

"Do we really have God's heart and God's vision for Mission?" That is the question posed by Scott Sherman, our guest speaker on his first visit to Ireland from the USA.

Jonah eagerly anticipated God's judgement on the ancient and very violent city of Nineveh. Instead, God was greatly concerned about the 120,000 inhabitants of that great city who "did not know their right hand from their left". Jonah didn't get it and was so angry he wanted to die. A lot of us today don't get it either.

God's call to every Christian is to share His concern for the lost of whatever city or suburb they live in. If you are a Christian then reaching out to your neighbours is not an optional extra - it is at the very heart of what God wants us to do.

November 25, 2008  

He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. (Luke 10 Vv 2 & 3)

Derek and Linda Roulston have been working in the harvest fields of Galana, Kenya for six years and the Lord of the harvest is using them to great effect. As the local commumity has reaped the benefit of a new school, new crop plantations and more, the Holy Spirit has moved powerfully in the region to establish a thriving community of new believers.

In this, our harvest celebration service, Derek describes the work underway and the amazing results that have been achieved so far.

November 4, 2008  

Our Vision is that we will be a vibrant community of Christians devoted to the task of spreading the Gospel in our area and winning back the lost of our generation for Christ. When God answers our prayers, how will we deal with the increase in size of our already large Congregation? In what ways will we have to change our custom and practice to make "strangers" feel at home amongst us? And how can we change so that no-one amongst us fears ridicule from Spiritual "posers"?

The new-born Church faced and solved these tough questions when the Holy Spirit moved powerfully to build his Church in an incredibly short period of time. We need to do the same today.


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