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October 25, 2008  

"God is seeking Worshippers, not Worship". This statement might seem a bit surprising, given that we are told to "Worship the Lord your God and serve him only" in Matthew chapter 4. The difference lies in how we worship him. Cold,mechanical worship for its own sake leaves God feeling nauseated. But when we gladly praise him and make room for him in the centre of our lives, he shows up in our midst and does amazing things.

At the house of Cornelius, a large gathering of Gentiles listens in the presence of God to Peter as he preaches the good news to them. Suddenly the Holy Spirit is poured out to the Gentiles, much to the astonishment of the Jews accompanying Peter.

October 17, 2008  

How powerful is God? Can he heal terminal illness? Can he bring back someone who has just died? Sounds plausible enough. What about a 4-day old corpse?

We all say we have faith, but in our hearts there are times when we, in truth, have a "plan B" in case he fails. As the old saying goes "trust in God, but keep passing the bullets..".

That is not faith. We don't need a "plan B". We just need to really trust in plan A - God almighty. He never fails. We don't need to keep passing the bullets. May the Lord bless you as you listen to what he says.

October 16, 2008  

"Good Teacher - what must I do to inherit eternal life?". The question that the rich young man asked was, in his mind at least, just to confirm what he already knew. He had kept the law religiously all his life, so he was confident that eternal life was his for the taking. What Jesus told him cut him to the core.

Based on the text of Matthew 19 verses 16-30


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